Step 1 Exam Pass / Fail? Work with IMG Agencies to Get the Best American Clinical Experience


By now you have heard the big news: the Step 1 Exam might be graded with a “pass/fail” score. You also likely know that the Step 1 is arguably the most important test a physician will ever take (even more important than the MCAT). Most international medical students take Step 1 at the end of their second year in medical school. Once you pass your Step 1 exam, IMG agencies that help students gain the American clinical experience will help match them with the best solution for getting strong LORs.

Once completed with pencil and paper, the Step 1 test was viewed as a tedious obstacle to getting licensure and was an obsessive focus within communities of medical students due to its elevation in the residency application process. Ambitions, anxieties, and even evaluations of self-worth began to cloud the minds of many medical students which in turn impacted their ability to seek the best placements to get strong hospital letterhead of recommendations, as well as a number of other necessary tasks. 

However, now that the Step 1 exam might use a pass/fail evaluation system, international medical students are able to move on with a clearer idea as to where their future in the medical field resides, and when partnering with a top IMG agency like Ace, students will be well on their way to getting the US clinical experience of their dreams, while achieving their desired LORs. This article will help students learn how to choose the best IMG agency that will help them gain the American clinical experience based on their Step 1 results.

Look for an IMG Agency that will Give You the American Clinical Experience Centered on Your Goals

Let’s fast forward to what will likely be a pass/fail grading system:  Whether you get a passing score in the top percentile, or you pass for a focus in family medicine, investing in an IMG agency to help you get the American clinical experience you need to earn the right LORs is a smart move. This is why so many families pool together to invest in IMG agencies for their family member seeking the US clinical experience. But in order to find the right IMG agency, you need one that is a true partner. This means they will examine your test scores, listen to your wishes, goals, and needs before constructing an approach to obtaining the American clinical experience that will lead to a bright future in medicine by first obtaining LORs. 

Your IMG agency should be easy to reach via phone, or a free mobile chat app. This means they need to take the time to actually communicate with you, learn more about your needs at every fine detail, and not lean on generic emails. With the right IMG agency, anything is possible for competitive students looking to secure the same spots for having the best American clinical experience. 

Contact an IMG agency like Ace today; talk to skilled experts to learn what it will take to get  the American clinical experience you seek, and the LORs needed to secure a great career in medicine. Finally, learn how your Step 1 exam result, based on the potential upcoming change, will play into this process. Then leave all the hard work of getting the best rotations and finding placement in desired US hospitals to the professionals at your IMG agency. 

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