How IMG Agencies Help Students Get the US Clinical Experience of their Dreams


You are at the crossroads of your professional life’s journey. There are several paths you can take, and each will present a different outcome. When it comes to gaining the US clinical experience so you can progress towards becoming a medical doctor, it is helpful to have a top IMG agency that specializes in delivering the right US clinical experience to each of their clients, on an individual level. 

Are IMG Agencies Really Necessary for Obtaining the US Clinical Experience?

The short answer is no; not at all. You can do this on your own. But the bigger question is this: do you want to do it on your own, and do you have the time to dedicate towards learning the steps, finding loopholes to get what you want, and determining what documents you need and how to file them? If you have the time and patience then by all means attempt this yourself. But for those students who want to let experienced professionals deal with the work so they can spend time with family and help tie up loose ends before heading off for America, working with one of the best IMG agencies is a smart investment, in fact many international medical students have families who invest in IMG agencies for that reason alone. So have a conversation with your family, determine if you are prepared to dedicate the time to research the various hospitals, internships, medical rotations, staff, accommodations and necessary documentation, and do what you feel is the best move for your future. 

Getting Hospital LORS

You still have to do the work (meaning make the grades and impress your supervisor) but the best IMG agencies can help you get that competitive edge and put you in the best possible situation to get a hospital letter of recommendation. 

Top IMG agencies help students gain access to highly sought after clinical training opportunities that thousands of other IMGs are competing to secure. They too want hospital-letterhead LORS from top physicians and hospitals in America. In fact, LORS are the number one priority taken into residency interviews during Match season. That said, look for IMG agencies that collaborate with international medical graduates to secure the hands-on medical opportunities that will lead to successfully securing highly coveted LORS that can lead to a secure residency. 

Nailing the Location for Your US Clinical Experience

Most medical graduates seeking the US clinical experience prioritize location according to the hospital and its program. But there are limited spaces (even for those who work with IMG agencies), so having backup plans and the ability to move quickly to secure them is crucial. IMG agencies will take all the things that are important to you, such as clinical field, hospital, the city, and everything else in between to help you get your first choice, and if the places are already filled by then, your chance of getting the next best placement is significantly higher. 

Ultimately, IMG agencies help improve your chances of getting the exact US clinical experience you hope to have, while making the process as simple as possible, and allowing you to spend more time with family before you embark on your journey. IMG agencies are also your partner from start to finish, as their ability to stay in business hinges on their level of care and skill at getting medical graduates everything they need. Look for an IMG agency that offers complete transparency, get a feel for their sincere care, and begin the next chapter in your life’s story today by giving one a call to learn about their process. 

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